12+ Yummy Keto Recipes Without Eggs!

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12 Easy Keto Breakfast Recipes Without Eggs

Looking for easy keto breakfast recipes without eggs or bacon? Then you’ve got to read what we have for you in this article!

Eggs are a great source of protein and the easiest and quickest to make for any meal. I, myself is an egg-for-breakfast kind of person. Even my five-year-old kid loves a simple scrambled egg any time of the day! But sometimes, I’ll get tired of eating them too.

I’m sure you’re feeling the same way as well. We want to have some variety for breakfast, more so if you have picky-eaters, agree?

If you’re especially on a ketogenic diet and needing some low-carb breakfast ideas without eggs, we’ve rounded up 12 healthy, quick, and easy breakfast recipes which aren’t eggs but high fiber and absolutely delicious!

We also have options for a paleo and vegan diet plus a low-carb sweet breakfast (pancakes, smoothies, etc.) that are all egg-free!

So save your favorite recipes to your Pinterest board – Keto Breakfast so you can easily come back to them later.

I’m sure you’re going to love this list so let us know what you think at the end of this post!

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