24 Hour Fast

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00:00 Day 5 of 24 Hour Fast Training Week
01:52 Is a 24 hour fast just OMAD?
02:24 5 major reasons why should you do a 24 hour fast
03:03 What is a 5-1-1 fasting variation
04:17 Feast/Famine Cycling
04:42 4-2-1 fasting variation
06:17 The 36-hour fast (Next step to 24 hour fast)
07:00 Caution for those who fast for 24 hours all the time (OMAD)
08:13 Build a fasting lifestyle with Dr. Mindy


Top 4 reasons to do a longer fast like 24-hour water fast, how to vary your fasting. What’s the 5-1-1 diet variation and what is the best fast for fat-burning.

Reason to fast that long
-gut repair
-cardiovascular disease

First step: 5-1-1 Variation (1-2 months)
Second step: 4-2-1 Variation (1-2 months)
Now ready to move to the next step: 36 hour Fat Burner Fast

There is a tremendous amount of research that shows 24 hours of fasting can be a great, not only for gut repair, but for the following 3 things!

1. Reboot intestinal stem cells (helps with gut issues, to absorb more nutrients from your food, for strong immune system, and more neurotransmitters).

2. Prevent heart failure, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure by reducing the level of plasma nutrient TMAO.

3. Increased longevity and improved quality of life.

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