3 KETO DIET TIPS 5 #Shorts

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1. Count Your Carbs
Measuring your carbohydrate intake is extremely important. Be careful for hidden carbohydrates in certain foods that may seem keto-friendly but are actually loaded with sugars.Make sure to look at the nutrition facts of everything you eat until you understand where those hidden carbs are coming from.

2. Measure Your Ketones
Using keto sticks or a glucose meter will give you feedback on whether or not you’re following the diet correctly and if you’re actually in ketosis.
The most accurate measuring tool is a glucose meter. It’s also the most expensive alternative which is why most people are deterred from using them daily.

3. Always Have Convenient Snacks on Hand
Time is a huge factor when it comes to sticking to the ketogenic diet. Many people are discouraged due to the amount of homemade meals you have to make.A great remedy to this is to prepare as many keto-friendly snacks as you can so you aren’t turning to convenient, carb heavy snacks when you are short on time.

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