30 Days Vegan Keto Before and After Results

30 Days Vegan Keto Before and After Results | I tried keto keto
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Ok so my names Imogen, I’m 26 and I wanted to see what keto keto would do to my body. I’ve done a lot of research on keto keto but it’s one thing researching the internet for how it affects your body and another thing actually trying keto keto for yourself!
I wanted to do the 30 day keto challenge and see how it would affect my endometriosis, my overall health and see if it really makes you lose weight.
Bit of a background story I have endometriosis which is a condition that affects my daily life. I will have it forever and there isn’t a cure, although many people say diet can help you considerably, especially, the keto diet…I’m 11 stone 8lbs. Although I’m primarily doing this for health reasons I’m intrigued to see if I lose weight on this diet like everyone claims. So, here goes. How does keto keto differ from normal keto?

Want to know what I eat in a day on keto keto?

I tried keto keto for a month to see what it would do to my body! No carbs no sugar for a month. Mainly to see what would happen to my health. I suffer from endometriosis and have done some research on which diets are best for endometriosis. I tried the 30 day keto challenge to see what 30 day keto results I would have. How does keto and endometriosis work together?

Things I touch upon in this video:

How does keto make you feel?
What can you eat on the ketosis diet?
Can you do keto keto?
What do you eat on the keto diet?
Does keto help endometriosis?
Does keto affect your period?
Do you lose weight on the keto diet?
How does keto work?

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How does keto keto affect your body?

Flax seed wraps

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tWAAZ0Eux8 – adapted we just used almond flour, keto sugar, keto spread.

Keto cupcake mug recipe
Baking powder
Almond flour
Cocoa powder
keto sugar
Almond milk

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