4 Critical Steps To Heal PCOS


Resources mentioned:
Dutch test: https://drmindypelz.com/product/dutch-complete-hormone-panel
Gut Zoomer: https://drmindypelz.com/product/vibrant-wellness-gut-zoomer
Doctor’s Data Heavy metal test: https://drmindypelz.com/product/doctors-data-heavy-metal-test-kit
I have a few supplement recommendations, but please remember that the supplement is NOT the cure!
Femicrine, PS, SYNULIN are all available from my trusted supplement supplier, Revelation Health.

Let’s talk about PCOS! This is a complicated condition with a variety of influences. But I see women heal themselves all the time!!! It is possible. You were born in a miraculous body, you just haven’t been taught how to use it.

In the most basic sense, PCOS is caused by a problem between the communication between your brain and your ovaries. With hormonal issues, we have to look at the ENTIRE feedback loop. It’s never just a localized issue.

Classic symptoms:
Very irregular periods
Cysts on the ovaries (sometimes very painful)
High testosterone and more hair

I have 4 tips for you:

1. Look at insulin resistance. As your cells become inflamed and insulin can’t get in to the cells, the pancreas ups insulin production, and it signals to the ovaries to put out more testosterone. GO KETO!!!

2. Look at the HPO axis. Hypothalamus, pituitary glands, and ovaries. They are the conductors of all these hormones. If you have a heavy toxic load it can effect all hormonal functions.

3. PCOS may be an autoimmune disorder. Low levels of progesterone cause overstimulation of the immune system, which prompts the body to secrete auto-antibodies. It’s common to see PCOS along with other autoimmune conditions such as hashimotos’, hypo or hyper thyoidism, , adrenal burnout, etc.

4. 40% of women with PCOS also have IBS. Search for what is causing your irritable bowels and heal that.

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