5 Fasting and Exercise Tips For Postmenopausal Women

TOPIC: What is the best fasting and diet variation for a post menopausal woman?
Keywords: fasting and menopause, intermittent fasting menopause

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01:31 4 major postmenopausal issues
03:10 Every postmenopausal woman should do more weight lifting and less cardio
03:57 Break your fast with protein to gain muscles
04:46 Is collagen good for menopause?
06:36 Protein building days is important for postmenopausal women
07:20 Why hormone building foods is important
08:01 How long should you fast to lose the menopausal weight


4 Key Points
1. losing muscle
2. more insulin resistant
3. less collagen
4. depleted hormones


1. More strength training, less cardio
2. Break your fast with protein
3. Increase collagen for injury prevention
4.More protein cycling days -1 day a week is key
5.Don’t forget about Progesterone -1 hormone building day a week

Final thoughts: With 2 Feast Days a week, I like 5 days to be fasting between 17-24hrs


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