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Aldi Grocery Haul | Keto Breakfast Edition with FlavCity (Part 1) – Thomas DeLauer

We’re in front of ALDI. I’m Thomas DeLauer, this is my friend Bobby Parrish. You might recognize him from FlavCity. What’s going on, Bobby?

Thomas, I’m in LA. We’re going to do an epic ALDI haul. The question is, will we get kicked out? That’s what everyone wants to know.

It’s always the question. It’s our claim to fame is we get kicked out of grocery stores when we’re trying to do good, healthy things. So the whole purpose of this haul is going to be breakfast, right?

That’s right. A clean breakfast.

Bacon and eggs, we just get tired of it. Whether you’re doing a low carb thing or not, it’s just bacon and eggs, man. You got to get creative.

We’re going to raise the bar.

Raise the bar. We’re going to do this budget style, ALDI style and then in a couple of days we’ll have another video where we actually cook up the stuff that we brought in so that we can teach you all about the science in the cooking piece.

That’s right. We got you covered from the grocery store to the kitchen, my friends.

Now the other question, this is ALDI, do you have a quarter so we can get a cart?

Yeah, I think we need to get a quarter. One of my favorite things, then we’ll do some shopping. Let’s go.

Let’s roll. I do a lot of intermittent fasting, so breakfast isn’t really a big part of my life, but when I do do breakfast, the last thing I really want to have is just generic bacon and eggs. But I will say first things first, is people always think that bacon and eggs is automatically unhealthy. Actually, egg is to be completely honest, one of the most abundant amino acid profiles, such a good healthy food if you get the right kind.

I love Gruy√®re. My question is, let’s see if you can find a block because I’ve don’t like the fact that they coat the shredded ones in anti-caking agents like potato starch and stuff. It’s a trivial amount.

Yeah, look at it you guys. The powdered cellulose is basically wood pulp and it’s a trivial amount of carbs but still I think the quality of fresh block cheese is better.

Yeah. Totally. I don’t know if they have it, but if you have an option between organic ground turkey and organic ground chicken, you’re going to be better off with organic ground chicken because the fatty acid profile is better. But also how generally the pesticides and antibiotics that they give turkeys are usually much more aggressive than chickens in most cases. So it’s just something to keep in mind. I don’t think they have organic ground chicken here.

No, but they have organic chicken breast. That’s what I was looking for so that’s nice.

Yep. Yeah. Spoiler alert for the meatball hash we’re going to make for part two if you don’t want to use ground beef, ground turkey, ground chicken and lamb, anything you want.

Yeah. Perfect. I love the fatty acid profile of ground lamb.

That’s awesome. All right. So speaking of the protein, we need beef for our mini meatball hash.

Okay. Rehydrated pea textured protein. That’s not that bad, but when we get to the vegetable oil, ooh okay, you’re doing a plant based diet because you’re trying to control inflammation, yet you just are now consuming the one thing that is going to skyrocket your IL6, your C-reactive protein levels through the ceiling.

So as close to that as you can possibly get. The cultures are fine in there. Potassium sorbate, I don’t like that being in there. So anything that’s going to be like sorbate. Potassium is not bad, it’s the sorbate, it’s how they actually-

Too many sorbates in your body does what again?

Well there’s a lot of different things. So mainly the way I look at sorbates is what it does in terms of the glutamate process in the brain. So you might know something I don’t know, but basically if you have sorbates in the body you’re creating this high glutamate cycle in the brain where the brain is basically wired up. Similar to if you were consuming MSG.

If you’re watching this video after it’s released, there’ll be a link down in the description so you can still go ahead and check out that next video because I want to make sure everyone gets to see that and have a lot of fun.

Do make sure that you check out Bobby’s channel, FlavCity. So there’s going to be a link for that down below in the description as well. Look it. We need you all to stand behind us when we get in trouble at grocery stores.

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