Anxious? A New Study Shows This Fast Will Help

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-Pro-inflammatory cytokine most commonly associated with anxiety is IL-1β.
-This cytokine is regulated by an enzyme called Caspase-1

1.Which fast helps reduce IL-1B

-24hr Fast
-A 24 h fast in mice reduced the activity of Caspase-1
-prefrontal cortex by 35%
-amygdala 25%
-hippocampus 40%
-hypothalamus 40%

A 24 h fast also reduced anxiety-like behavior by 40% and increased novel object and object location recognition by 21% and 31%.

Mice fasted for 24 h beginning within 1 hour of the beginning of the dark cycle.

The starvation response in animals is critical to maintain homeostasis in the event of nutrient deprivation. This reaction integrates several metabolic and hormonal signals that regulate energy levels [33]. Maintenance of locomotor activity and a reduction in anxiety-like behavior would appear advantageous to exploratory behavior required for nutrient acquisition.

-Ketones & GABA

The body makes GABA from glutamate using the GAD enzyme (glutamic acid decarboxylase), which interestingly requires vitamin B6 as a cofactor. Studies show that a ketogenic diet can increase GABA levels by helping to facilitate the conversion from glutamate to GABA.

2. Foods that increase IL-B
Cafeteria diet: consisting of bread, chocolate, and shortbread cookies (cafeteria diet).


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