Candy Review

I know I have mentioned this in another blog somewhere, about not being a sweets person. While this is still true, sometimes I want a little something sweet after a meal.

I went to the store the other day to purchase something and happened to walk down the candy aisle. 

Two things caught my attention. They were both Lily’s candy products. The first item was a White Chocolate type candy bar, and the other was a Cookies and Creme style candy bar. No sugar was added to either bar!

I had to buy and try them. I am happy to report that both of these bars are equally delicious and satisfying. They are sweet but not too sweet. 

The possibilities for what you could do with these candy bars is vast.

You could dip them in peanut butter! You could melt them to compliment a number of keto desserts. A nice drizzle over anything sweet would add a nice extra touch to any dessert.

I will be experimenting with these very soon and post some recipes!