Carl’s Country Rib Blog

I grew up my whole life with my dad grilling. He was truly a grill master when he was here on earth. My dad has since left this earth, but his memory and grilling skills remain in the hearts of the ones that love him dearly.

He could smoke meat like a mad man. He built his own smoker out of a big barrel. Whenever he would smoke a ham, you could smell it when you drove into the neighborhood. 

The rib recipe I just posted is one of the best I have eaten. Together we created some of the most delicious stuffed burgers on earth! (Recipe to come) 

Pair any of the grilled/smoked classics with my Mom’s coleslaw and life is just about perfect. (Coleslaw recipe to come, too)

I hope you enjoy this rib recipe. It holds a special place in my heart. When I make them and eat them, I feel like my dad is right beside me enjoying them too!

Check out the recipe here