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00:00 Future Upcoming Videos
01:25 Should you eat plants?
03:10 My theory why people can’t tolerate the small amount of toxins in plants as much anymore.
04:20 Sleep tips
07:00 Can a carnivore diet heal fat malabsorption?
07:30 Can you eat carnivore if you’re allergic to soy, gluten, dairy, & eggs?
08:00 My favorite organ meats & recipes
09:50 Most important diet change Bryce made to help his autoimmune conditions?
11:00 Do I ever have cheat days?
12:00 Do you feel increased pain on egg consumption?
12:15 Do I intermittent/extend fast?
13:00 Healthiest food that makes me happy
13:15 Best tip to have a delicious day
13:25 Do I eat the fat or cut it off?
13:30 What kind of work outs do I do?
14:30 What book am I currently reading?
14:50 Do I meditate?


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