Dear Type 1 Diabetics… TYPE 1 DIABETES ADVICE + COLLAB!

Dear Type 1 Diabetics… TYPE 1 DIABETES ADVICE!

Today’s video is a very special video because were celebrating #worlddiabetesday I wanted to make a video were my friends and I give you advice on how to manage type 1 diabetes, advice for newly diagnosed diabetics, and words of encouragement for people living with type 1 diabetes! I am joined by Diabetes Strong founder Christel Oerum, Cup of OJ founder – Ariana Frayer, Type 1 Diabetes fitness Guru – Taja Cato, Fredrick Bantings badass family member – Reba Redmond, E.D Survivor and fashion icon – Sara Moback, Fellow Type 1 Diabetes Artist – Juliet, and finally the sassy, sweet and stylish Alex! I wanted to create a little love letter to all my fellow type 1 diabetics because I know how hard life can be and I wanted this to uplift anyone who is feeling burnt out, done with their diabetes or whom ever just needs a reminder that you got this! Always reach out to people in the type 1 diabetes community, because we’re always here for you! Never give up and keep your head held high, because you’re worthy and so loved!

Please share this video on Facebook, Instagram and with anyone you think needs to hear this message! Let me know in the comments what words of encouragement you would give to a newly diagnosed diabetic!


Christel Oerum
Diagnosed 1997
Diabetes Strong Website:

Ariana Frayer
Diagnosed 2003
Personal Instagram: @arianafrayer
Shop Instagram: @cupofojcreative
Shop tiktok: @cupofojcreative
Youtube Channel:

Diagnosed 2005
Instagram: @type1untangled

Rebecca Redmond
Diagnosed 1999
Instagram: @rebaredmond
Twitter: @RebaRedmond

Taja Cato
Diagnosed at Age 9
Instagram: @tajacato
Podcast: MoreThanJustaTypePodcast

Diagnosed 2006
Instagram: @typeonealex

Sara Moback
Diagnosed 2003
Instagram: @saramoback

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