Falling Off The Wagon on Keto Slow Carb

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Have you ever found yourself falling off track on the keto or slow carb plan? If so – you’re definitely not alone..

Here are 3 tips for getting back on track and staying on track.

First – Don’t say “I fell off the wagon.”

I was watching my inner talk during this slip and noticed myself saying “I fell off the wagon.”

The more I thought about this language, the more I realized how disempowering it was.

Did I really fall off?

Did something externally force me off my discipline and onto the ground?


I jumped off the wagon.

I made the conscious decision that eating clean while camping, wasn’t something I wanted to do.

No one pushed me.

It wasn’t a rock in the path that bumped me off.

It was all me.

And if was all me who jumped off, it’s also me who has the power to jump back on, which I did yesterday.

So that’s tip #1 – take 100% responsibility.

Tip #2 – is to use some sort of tracking divice to monitor your progress and give yourself rewards for daily success.

I recommend the Momentum app for Iphone! It’s AMAZING!

Tip #3 is to surround yourself with a positive support group who can help you feed your mind wth inspiration and motivation along your journey.. I can’t stress this one enough.

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Here’s another great video from a lady who’s been on the ketogenic diet for 14 months and wat she does when she falls off the wagon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-FcKqm4Qfo

Link back to this video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0Xi3780LGo

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