Feta Blog

I am going to preface this blog by saying, lactose intolerance is a real thing! 

So several months ago I was watching a show on TV about how certain food items are made. This particular segment was on Feta Cheese. 

The person on the show was stating that true feta is made with sheep’s milk. 

First, I had no idea that there were cheeses made with sheep’s milk. (I know that this revelation might bring you to the thought that I have been living under a rock.) 

I felt the same way. How had I never known about cheese being made with sheep’s milk? How could I have denied myself cheese for so very long.

I have tried goat’s milk cheese before and I am not a fan. It tastes gamey, hairy. These are the best words I can use to describe goat cheese. (Just not a fan)

So I have started a journey to finding and trying different sheep’s milk cheeses. So far my favorite is straight feta. There are others I have tried, some are better than others. Some are a little stronger than others.

The saltiness of the sheep’s milk feta goes perfect on a salad, sandwich, scrambled eggs, omelettes, pasta dishes……. The possibilities are endless! 

I have started creating recipes using sheep’s milk feta cheese. So keep a lookout for recipes to come.

In the meantime, here is the first of many sheep’s milk feta recipes ! Click Here for the recipe!