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Full Day keto Meal Plan For Beginners

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Yields 5 Servings ( Macros per serving )
Net Carbs : 3.82 g
Fat : 12.6g
Calories : 159.5
Fibre : 0.66g
Protein : 7.33g

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Yields 4 Servings ( Macros per serving )
Net Carbs : 3.86 g
Fat : 8 g
Calories : 97.77
Fibre : 0.95g
Protein : 4.18 g

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Yields 3 pieces ( Macros per serving )
Net Carbs : 3.86 g
Fat : 12.34g
Calories : 148.64
Protein: 5.45 g
Fibre : 1.09 g

Yields 5 Servings ( Macros per serving )
Net Carbs : 6.5 g
Fat : 14 g
Calories : 177.4
Fibre : 1.65 g
Protein : 7.1 g
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