FULL VIDEO: Lies I Taught in Medical School @RobertLufkinMD

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Dr. Robert Lufkin, a professor of medicine who has taught at UCLA and USC, discusses his upcoming book LIES I TAUGHT IN MEDICAL SCHOOL with Nayiri, nutrition coach at Low Carb and Fasting.

This is the full video. If you prefer watching it in shorter parts, follow the link below:

Part 1 topics:
●metabolic dysfunction
●root cause of many chronic illnesses
Link https://youtu.be/g0xzMccL9gM

Part 2 topics:
●the general benefits of fasting
●the role of fasting in disease reversal
●the importance of what you eat & when you eat
Link https://youtu.be/P5Q5a3h-Wus

Part 3 topics:
●the lies Dr. Lufkin unknowingly taught in medical school
●the pharmaceutical & food companies manipulate the current dogma
●tips on how to take first steps to better health
Link https://youtu.be/6QWFUdV5twU

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