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. . Stressed? Cortisol’s effects on your body could be breaking down your muscle and other proteins! Here’s how.

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0:00 How cortisol affects the body and destroys proteins
0:20 Effects of low amino acid production
1:00 How to improve amino acids
2:00 The #1 reason for low amino acids
3:48 Deamination and amino acids
5:12 The survival mode
7:02 Cortisol and autoimmune disease
10:13 Key takeaways

In this video, I want to talk to you about how cortisol affects the body and destroys proteins.

Protein breaks down into amino acids. Many people have neurotransmitter problems related to amino acid production. This can cause issues like depression, anxiety, and ADD. They often take medications to improve neurotransmitters. However, I believe that they can improve their neurotransmitters through their diet.

Amino acids also affect:
• Hormones
• Immune health
• Bone health
• Muscle mass

The process of converting proteins into amino acids is affected by several things:
• Enzymes from the pancreas
• Probiotics
• Cortisol level

High cortisol levels are the #1 thing that prevents the breakdown of proteins into amino acids.

Cortisol is a stress hormone—meaning it’s triggered by stress events. It creates a carbolic effect. This means that it breaks down muscle protein. In turn, amino acids are not absorbed in your muscle. This reduces the quality of your muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, and other body tissues.

With high cortisol, amino acids go to the liver, which starts the process of deamination, which is the breakdown of amino acids. The liver turns aminos into ammonia, carbon skeletons, and hydrogen ion molecules.

The body does all of this because it’s in survival mode. In survival mode, your body creates sugar from proteins and amino acids.

High cortisol is the main cause of autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease is characterized by your body attacking healthy tissue.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this video helped you understand the effects of cortisol on the body, proteins, and amino acids.

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