How Fasting Can Change Your Life with Dr

Dr. Mindy Pelz is a best selling author, speaker and fasting expert on a mission to get over a million people fasting. This is literally one of my favourite episodes I’ve ever done because of the impact this can make on your health, body and longevity.

Her youtube videos have over 15 million views and she also is the founder of Family Life Wellness, a biohacking center in the Bay area.

This episode is so packed with value you’re going to want to listen to it multiple times. I really believe what she teaches and talks about in here could have a MASSIVE impact in your life in so many ways.

We discuss:

What is metabolic health and why it’s important

How most diseases can be linked back to metabolic health

Why to consider fasting and what it does in your body

The 6 different levels of fasting

Things you can still have during a fast

The 3 p’s to break a fast

The difference in fasting between males and females

What about alcohol and how you can still incorporate it if you want to

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