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In this video I explain how to maintain your results you achieve with the Ketogenic Diet!

More helpful information written by my assistant Joy and certified Keto Coach:
1. After Keto…you keep doing Keto. How did you get to the place you were to begin with? If you are Insulin Resistant and go back to eating the way you did, or increase the protein, or start snacking all the time between meals…you will spike your insulin which will store as fat and you will go back UP. This is why other diets never worked for you. You lost the weight and then gained it all back and then some. That is because you were on glucose as fuel. Now you are on fat for fuel and keep those blood sugars balanced (less hunger, less cravings, less irritable and impatient). When you do other diets you are spiking your insulin and fighting it all the time to get through the day until you just throw your hands up in the air.

2. Keto and IF can still go hand and hand after maintenance if desired. First, it’s convenient for some and it is cost effective. For many it simplifies their life and alleviates stress as to planning and preparing foods that would be right. Or you can go to 3 meals per day but still choose the proper keto foods. [see info below on App info]. For me personally, I would still do my MAX in the morning since I don’t like to eat breakfast and would rather have my calories in the other 2 meals (and maybe add in sunflower seeds at night while watching TV or something).

3. Keto is a healthy way of eating that keeps your body running on fat rather than sugar. You want to maintain running your body on fat as it helps heal disease. Ask yourself these questions:

– Do you have a slow metabolism.
– Do you still have medical issues.
– Still on medications.
– Do you experience any pain.
– Are you energetic all the time
– Do you have poor sleep.
– Do you have mental clarity and good memory.

Running on sugar will only worsen these things. Health is a process and can take several years to recover. For example: The Liver. Many people have a fatty liver to a certain degree without knowing it. After years of all the bad food eaten and it won’t come up on a blood test right away. But the liver is an organ that can fully regenerate itself but it takes up to 3 years to do so. Ketones are made by the liver but if you put alcohol or other bad foods with pesticides, etc. then the liver has to stop and deal with that first bec. your body is always in survival mode.

– It’s a mindset. Why did you decide to do the Keto Diet? You must keep that mindset. If you wanted to just lose weight well staying on keto will keep you at that weight. If you wanted it for health issues does a number on the scale indicate that you are now healthy? Probably not. Being overweight is a symptom of underlying issues. You want to BE the best YOU that you can be and be able to get up in the morning and conquer the world. Be the best spouse, parent, successful at your career and always feel balanced and in control of your life. Insulin and Cortisol is a hormone so you don’t want the hormones going out of whack all the time. You want to keep those blood sugars stable.

– As far as pleasure foods Keto has so many substitutes for whatever you have missed with a ton of recipes and products out there now. Can you have a piece of pizza once in a while that is your favorite. YES you can…as long as you take full responsibility for your decision with full consciousness of what you are doing.

– Choose Vegetables that you might have missed but were higher in carbs so you had to avoid them to lose. They are low on the glycemic index so it probably will be fine. Don’t measure your veggies and count them as carbs anymore and see if you are able to maintain. Do tests with introducing these new foods bec. everyone reacts differently. But let’s face reality, if you didn’t do well with the berries while trying to lose the weight then trying to put them in now will probably make you react the same way. (test it)

– Carbs should not go up if a person is very insulin resistant. Each person is different in how they tolerate the carbs and it can be by trial and error. But we should always try to get our carbs from veggies the best we can because FOOD is NUTRITION. Make those meals count to give you the nutrients you need.

– Keep up the electrolytes…your body always needs them:

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