How to Start a Keto Diet + Sample Meal Plans

In today’s video, I will go over how to start a Keto Diet, provide a Sample Meal Plan, and update you on my own results with Keto Diet. Also, I will answer some Questions!
Ready? Let’s start!

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What is Keto?
What is the Keto Flu?
Exercising on Keto

Keto “Bullet Proof Coffee”


Fat Bombs
Ways to intermittent fast.
There are a bunch of different ways to do keto intermittent fasting:
16-hour fast (aka 16:8): The most popular type of intermittent fast, the 16-hour fast encourages you to eat all of your meals in an 8-hour window, such as noon to 8pm. To activate the full benefits of intermittent fasting, try an 18-hour fast, once you’ve adapted to 16 hours. This would mean eating between noon and 6pm or between 2pm and 8pm. Simply avoid eating after dinner, and skip breakfast in the morning. Limit carbs to dinner.
One meal a day (OMAD). Eat one big meal day, whenever feels best, and then fast the rest of the day.
Weekly 24-hour fast. Take one day a week, preferably on the weekend, and skip food entirely.
Alternate-day fasting. Go back and forth between feasting days and fasting days. Eat like a king or queen one day, then eat nothing the next. This will probably be the most challenging fasting option for most people. If you try it, make sure you’re eating a ton on your feast days, otherwise you’ll fall into a major calorie deficit and you’ll likely feel miserable.

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