How to Un-Vegan Yourself! Dr

Why you NEED to eat more meat! Responding to comments on how eating meat impacts health, animals, & environment ft. Dr Anthony Chaffee CLICK TO READ MORE! ⬇️


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00:00 How to un-Vegan Yourself
03:00 Dr. Chaffee is going to die in 10 years?🤔
05:00 Response to David Sinclair’s work, “leafy greens & low amounts of meat is the way to go”
08:00 Does eating too much protein shorten life span?
09:00 Too much protein damage kidneys?
11:00 Vegetables have vitamins in them, but…
13:00 Colon cancer?
14:30 Don’t you need fiber in the diet?
16:30 What about the blue zones?
19:20 Heart disease? Heart attacks? High cholesterol myths?
22:30 Why eating meat kills less animals than plant based protein alternatives?
25:00 Is it ethical to not give kids meat?
27:30 Cow burps killing the planet
30:00 Cows & livestock are taking our food & land?
32:00 Meatless Mondays & Fridays indoctrinating students


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