IQ and Fluoride: What’s a Parent to Do??

With the release of the recent JAMA-Pediatrics article, the issue of Fluoridated water and child IQ is back in the news. JAMA-Peds would never have published this article, due to it’s controversial nature, if they didn’t believe this was an Important conversation.
If swallowing lots of Fluoride really helps prevent cavities then we should do it. Unless, it leads to other, more important consequences, like lowered IQ.

We all want our children to be as smart as they can be, but what if something in the water is robbing them of 3 IQ points before they even get started? Is this new study the only study ever published showing this association between ingested Fluoride and lowered IQ?

Parents want to do everything possible to give their children a head start. A child with lower IQ is at a disadvantage, but so is a child with a mouth full of rotten teeth. So, what’s a parent to do? In this video I discuss the recent JAMA-Peds study, the other studies which don’t seem to get talked about, how the human brain develops, and what I do as a parent, and recommend for you to do as well.

Is Fluoridated water a neurotoxin?? Let’s dive in to this important topic.

Cavities declining in all countries, even without F (Fluoride) in water:

Soft drinks high in F:
Soft drinks high in F:
Fruit juices high in F:

F applied to tooth surface gives benefit:
53 studies link F with reduced IQ:
Maternal F ingestion alters child’s cognition:
Adverse effect of high F exposure on children’s neurodevelopment:
F exposure negative correlation with IQ

27 study meta-analysis showing association between high F and low IQ
Mexican study showing F associated with lower IQ:
JAMA-Peds study:

33% of U.S. residents water not fluoridated:
68% of Can residents water not fluoridated:
97% of E.U. residents water not fluoridated:

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