Is Ketosis Safe For Long term?

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Dr. Berg talks about ketosis and answer the question: Is ketosis safe long term.

Running your body on ketones is very save compared to running your body on glucose. Glucose is a dirty fuel and leaves residue. But the brain response very good to ketones. Ketones is one of the original fuels sources. Running your body on ketones is running on fat and essential fatty acids. Glucose and carbs are not essential.

You need vegetable carbs for vitamins and minerals and trace minerals. Ketogenic acidosis occurs only in a severe diabetic type 1 situation. You do not lose muscle mass when you consume ketones. In fact, the ketogenic diet preserves your proteins and muscles. This is due to growth hormone (GH). Diabetics lose muscle mass due to an insulin problem. Insulin also lowers GH growth hormone.
Too much insulin will deplete potassium, magnesium and B-vitamins and calcium due to insulin resistance.
Your body makes a lot of cholesterol, so adding more fat in a ketogenic diet will just cause it to make less. Insulin is the hormone that makes cholesterol and triglycerides.

Regarding kidney stones, ketosis is safe and running your body on foods high in oxalates (spinach, beans, grains) all increase kidney stones.

Hey guys Dr. Berg here. In this video we are going to talk about, is ketosis safe long term? If you take a look at what ketosis is, it is running your body on fat fuel not just dietary fat but your own fat versus the regular way of running your body on sugar or glucose. It is bizarre to me that people think ketosis or fat burning is dangerous compared to burning sugar. Burning sugar fuel sets you up for high insulin and out of all the illnesses and diseases why people die heart disease, Alzheimer’s, kidney problem, stroke, all those are related to high insulin and not ketones. There is no bad things on running your body on ketones except actually the best fuel for the brain. Your brain will run on glucose but if drop the glucose down and you run it on ketones which is the byproduct to fat burning, it is a much cleaner fuel.












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