It’s NORMAL to hit a wall while on Keto! Keto,

If you lost weight on Keto but hit a wall, just know it’s NORMAL

However, there’s an easier way to get long-term results without feeling soooo restricted.

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My name is Justin Bauer and I help people make fitness transformation without giving up their favorite foods or spending countless hours in the gym.

My team and I have helped people collectively lose TONS of body fat after showing them a few simple adjustments to bend the rules of fitness to see sustainable progress week after week.

In 2014, I had a seriously unhealthy relationship with fitness- I would starve myself, completely cut out “naughty” food, and worked out 25 hours per week. I would get constant anxiety around food and stopped going to social events because I was obsessed seeing ab veins, leg veins, and having that “paper skin look” because “that’s what it takes”.

It was a complete mess, and my life, relationships, and body were falling apart.

I finally found a better way. One that was flexible, let me have burgers and drinks and maintain my physique.

Once I found this, it was like the fog had lifted and I had reclaimed my life.

This sense of freedom is precisely what our coaching programs and app all seek to accomplish- Showing you how to get breakthrough results while bending the rules of fitness.

This channel will help you reach your fitness goals and show you a better way! It is not as hard as you think.

You’ll learn weight loss tips, reducing body fat, appetite hacks, fitness motivation, nutrition, how to break weight loss plateaus, muscle building, flexible dieting, controlling cravings, weight loss mistakes, home workouts, and self-improvement.

Outside of fitness coaching, I am calisthenics/sortagymnastics athlete, and entrepreneur. Be sure to subscribe for more videos on how to permanently reach your fitness goals!

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