Keto Chocolate Coconut Review

Words almost cannot describe how delicious these clusters truly are. I ran across this treasure on a trip to Costco. 

Now let me preface this review by saying, if you don’t like chocolate or coconut, you will not like these little bites of delight. 

But…. if you like chocolate and coconut, these little treats are meant for you. I would recommend the company to change the name to “Little Bites of Heaven”. This is just my wholesome opinion. 

They are so yummy! I have discovered I like to eat them on their own, but I imagine they would be amazing alongside a warm cup of coffee, topped on keto ice cream or crushed to the bottom of a keto dessert as a crust. 

I am in the process of experimenting now, and will post recipes asap. Luckily you can also find these bites of delight on Amazon too!

Feel free to post and let me know how you like these delicious morsels! Happy devouring!