I’ve you’ve been craving real Mexican food, you are going to LOVE this recipe, the absolute best on the internet! Nancy of Pinche Nancy graciously granted me permission to produce English and French versions of her recipe, which is in Spanish. If you’d like to see it, click here:

Nancy calculated macros for the entire recipe, so you can customize them for the number of portions you make:

Calories: 995
Net carbs: 19 g
Protein: 58.5 g
Fat: 70.5 g

So, if you make 8 like I do here, each one has:

Calories: 124
Net carbs: 2.4
Protein: 7.3
Fat: 8.8

These tortillas–and the chips, which, by the way, are actually CRUNCHY–are just amazing, not just because they look just like the real thing, but they also actually taste like corn! I knew the recipe was a good one before I made my first batch, but I was BLOWN AWAY by the results! You will be, too, I think. I hope you’ll try this recipe and that you’ll LIKE, SHARE especially on Facebook, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!

View original video by clicking here.