Keto Diet HACK

Keto Diet HACK! The trick I use to get and STAY in Ketosis

This boils down to:
– Bulletproof Coffee in the AM (For additional fat add more Grass-fed Butter + Heavy Cream)
– Brain Octane Oil 2x daily – 1Tbs per serving
*Recommended at noon and night
– Use Keto Strips to gauge ketone levels (about 70-80% accuracy)

Get the essentials below…
Bulletproof Coffee (5lb) –
Brain Octane Oil (32oz) –
Keto Strips (100 strips) –

This hack is a MASSIVE leg up when starting and working to stay in ketosis. The Ketogenic Diet can be intimidating to a lot of folks and understandably so. The amount of fat you need to take in is quite substantial. This can be even tougher for those adverse to taking in dairy and may want to retain a somewhat or even completely vegan lifestyle. The beauty of this hack is that it is exceptional at ensuring you get a steady baseline – a foundation of healthy fats offering the most in the way of cognitive benefit. This will elevate your health while making you feel great. A no brainer, right?

It wasn’t difficult for me to discover this hack. I’ve been drinking Bulletproof Coffee for more than a year now. So I was already beginning many of my mornings in a minor state of ketosis – substantial fat intake with a lack of carbs in a substantial window of time. If you really want to ease into this hack begin with BPC (Bulletproof Coffee) for a week and then begin folding in the Brain Octane Oil. Transition at a level of comfort that works for you and of course consult your physician before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. This advice is in no way a medical/clinical recommendation.

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