Keto Diet, Weight Loss & Muscle

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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Ketogenic diets are all the rage there days.  It’s not just hype.
Nutritional ketosis brings you lower blood glucose and lower blood insulin levels, as well as weight loss.
These are just the side benefits!

The main benefit, in my opinion, is raising blood levels of Beta-hydroxybutyrate – one of the main ketones. BHB is a critical signaling molecule. It positively affects our genetic expression. It protects our DNA and reprograms our metabolism to mirror calorie restriction.  The impact upon the immune system, cancer fighting, metabolism, longevity, mitochondrial health, brain health and athletic performance are profound.
Deanna and I take a deep dive into nutritional ketosis and reviewed the science.

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————————————–Key Takeaways———————————-

02:19 Benefits of Blood Keto 
04:02 Ketones and Athletic Performance 
06:29 Calorie Restriction and Muscle Loss 
11:02 Pre and Post Exercise Nutrition 
13:03 Post Exercise Blood Glucose and Blood Ketones 
22:22 How Lean is Too Lean? 
26:44 Blood Ketones as Messenger Molecules 
27:39 Ketones and Brain Health/Function 
37:17 Protein for the Keto Adapted 
40:41 Ketones and Inflamaging

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