Keto diets, type 1 diabetes, and kidney health – Diet

Dr. Keith Runyan has used a keto diet to treat his own type 1 diabetes. He wants to share his experience to help others better manage this lifelong condition.

But he doesn’t stop there. Dr. Runyan is a kidney specialist and provides specialized information to help you better understand the role of keto diets and dietary protein levels in kidney disease and kidney stone formation.

Table of content
0:00 Introduction
1:45 Being diagnosed with T1D as an adult
7:20 Controlling Hba1c to prevent a hypoglycemic episode
16:55 Responding to people with T1D about a specific treatment
19:59 Corollary between T1D and T2D
25:23 Ketogenic diets and the concern with kidney health
34:04 Are kidney stones more common for people eating the keto diet?
38:26 Advice for people with history of kidney stones

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