When it comes to ketogenic, there are lot of internet experts.

One of my clients thought he was doing a ketogenic diet and was having a keto shake. He believed that jaggery was allowed in keto. And he was furious that I was calling his favourite website wrong.
When it comes to internet – anyone with space to write or publish can spit what ever garbage he wants. You need to learn from proper sources to do thing right.

Simple ketogenic rules:
1. We need to prevent insulin spikes at all costs and maintain instant energy source close to zero – which means –
* no direct carbs
* no sugar
* Fibrous carbs are allowed

2. Keto does not mean eat all fired and junk if it does not have carbs
* Fish and organic meat are rich in omega 3 fats
* Nuts are also rich in omega fats
* Good fats contribute not only for fat loss but overall good health and hence spike up your metabolism.

3. Protein is the key to success
4. Dot have to deliberately add in fats and too much fats means too much food – that is also not good. Just make sure you include organic eggs, meat and fish regularly. Top your salads with olive oils. And include some nuts in snacks. You are on the best possible ketogenic diet

Advantages –
1. Better fat loss
2. Mood swings only for first 3-5 days of keto then mood stabilises
3. Better energy levels
4. Control over cravings
5. Easy to cook

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