Does your doctor demonize fat in your diet? Will eating fat kill you? Can you eat fat to lose fat? Does eating fat suppress appetite? Can fat reduce your perpetual hunger? Oh yes it can, but why does it work? How does it work? Is it healthy? Is it safe? Are the results long-term? Be smarter than your doctor about the essential positive role of dietary fat. These are great questions and you deserve an answer so that you can have a more factual discussion the next time your doctor recommends a low fat or plant-based diet. I answer some of these questions in this video, and the rest of the questions on my other videos on this channel. You deserve good health, happiness and great energy. Use the strategies described here to move in the right direction.
Making the changes needed is not too difficult for a while, sustaining the changes until they become your Way of Life is far more challenging. In this episode we explore the right way to prepare and eat fat as an essential part of your diet as well as using it to suppress appetite so that you eat less and less often because you are SATIATED. We also provide some of the easy to understand science your doctor may be ignoring. Help them to know the scientific truth about how your body works.

Let’s ask and answer the right questions to optimize your health! Whether you agree or disagree with our content, if we’ve made you think and ask questions, we’ve done our job. Leave comments below.
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ROBERT CYWES M.D., PhD is a clinically practicing doctor and surgeon in Florida and Idaho. The mission of our media content is educating the public about a CARBOHYDRATE ADDICTION approach to treating obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Understanding the importance of replacing carbs in your diet with REAL FOOD while simultaneously replacing carbs as a toxic, harmful response to emotional tension with a more effective diverse healthy set of emotion management tools for lifelong sustainability of mental and physical health, happiness and well-being.
Converting people from toxic sugar burners to healthy fat (keto) burners while addressing the CAUSE of addiction to carbs from an emotion management perspective. Sometimes using obesity surgery and devices as tools along the way, and helping people who have had bariatric surgery stay healthy and not relapse. Set up a consultation if you are looking for more sustainable ways to treat obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cholesterol issues and thyroid disease. Even if you are doing great but need physician confirmation or if you are considering or struggling after
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