Keto Noodles with Kickin Chicken and Broccoli

When I think of comfort food, noodles are alway involved. But, noodles are not exactly a keto food or are they? Keto Noodles with Kickin Chicken and Broccoli, in my opinion is at the heart of a good comfort food.There are many different kinds of Keto noodles available online or in the stores. My favorite noodles are sold at Costco right now and on the noodle company’s website ( Whenever I visit Costco I always check the refrigerated section to see if they have these noodles in stock. I usually buy two boxes and keep them stored away somewhere in my fridge. 

The price tag is a bit hefty, but these noodles are so beyond worth it. They are delicious! 

If you cannot find these noodles at Costco, any Konjac flour noodle will do. Some brands I have personally tried and like are: Miracle Noodles, Palmini, and Wonder Noodles). 

I have served these noodles to friends and family and some really liked them and some really didn’t like them. You may want to consider visiting your local store, buying one or two packages and trying them, before you buy a case. 

You can buy the three keto noodles mentioned above on Amazon in more of a bulk buy and can save money on your purchase. 

If you end up liking any of these noodles then you will really enjoy this Keto noodle dish. 

In addition to red pepper flakes I like to use Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce as an added kick to my personal dish. I usually end up pouring about 2 tablespoons on top of my food and mixing it before I partake.

Feel free to comment and share your favorite noodles, if you tried this dish, likes and tweaks.