Keto Slow & Low Pot Roast

One of my favorite dishes in the world is a delicious juicy pot roast. It is beyond easy to keep a pot roast Keto friendly. The key to keeping the roast recipe Keto is to either just cook a roast (no veggies), or add low carb keto friendly veggies. Skipping the carrots (higher carb veggie) and potatoes (really higher carb veggie) will help to keep the dish lower on the carb index. Now if you have carb eating people in your household, you could add the higher carb veggies, but resist the urge to consume them.

I am a fan of slow and low when it comes to cooking a roast. My favorite thing to do is put the roast in the slow cooker overnight, and let it cook. When you wake up in the morning you will have the perfect dish ready to eat. My second favorite option is to put the roast on in the morning and come home to a dinner ready to serve.

As crazy as it sounds I don’t limit myself to just eating roast for dinner. You can enjoy it for lunch (low carb sandwich with Keto bread) or dare I say breakfast (Keto Biscuit Mix)

For the Keto Slow & Low Pot Roast recipe, I chose to use the slow cooker setting on my Ninja, but you could also use the pressure cooker option if you chose to do so. I will, in the near future, try this recipe again and use the pressure cooker option and post about the results. 

I recently steamed some asparagus in my Ninja and thought to myself, this veggie would go very well with a nice juicy pot roast. 

This recipe is one of many pot roast recipes that I will post on this site. I hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to post your comments, tweaks and if your belly was happy at the end of your meal.