Keto Slow & Low Pot Roast


1 3lb pot roast or 2 1.5 lb pot roast

1 Bag of frozen diced onions and peppers

2 small bags of frozen green beans

ΒΌ cup minced garlic

4 tablespoons Arabic 7 spice ( or 2 tablespoons of allspice)

1 cup beef broth

1 stick of butter

Salt and Pepper  to taste


Add all of the vegetables to the crock pot. Sprinkle with half of the seasonings. Rinse off the roast(s) place on top of vegetables. Sprinkle with the rest of the seasonings. Place the stick of butter on top of the roast Cover the crock pot with the lid. 

Set the Ninja or Slow Cooker time for 8hrs on low.

You can use any seasoning that you want to on your roast. 

 If you think the spice will taste good, add some and cook. 

I also use any uneaten low carb veggies that might be hanging out in my refrigerator.