Ketogenic Diet Plan-Keto Built

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Are you tired of being afraid to go shirtless at the neighborhood pool party?

Are you fed up with not meeting diet goals?

Are you trying a reach a new weight class in your given sport?

Do you just want to get healthier, so that you can be around for the grandkids?

Turn physical flaccidity into a hardened and honed physique, with this new, user friendly book from the bestselling authors of the Jailhouse Strong series!

This book provides a brief background on the Keto diet, then gets right to the meat of it and tells you how you can implement this low carb method of eating into your life.

With scientific research written in laymen’s terms, you will be able to follow the provided guidelines and finally reach your physical goals.

With an individualized program you can customize the low carb diet to fit your specific needs.

Rather than an elaborate meal plan which results in a mile high stack of Tupperware that causes you to feel ostracized in the office lunch room, you will now be able to follow a nutrition program that isn’t a burden on your lifestyle.

From a sample meal plan to drinking on the keto diet, this book has you covered.

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