Ketogenic Myth: Low Carb Keto Diet Is Unhealthy

How The Ketogenic Diet Is Hurting Your Thyroid, Damaging Your Hormones, and Stalling Your Fat Loss

By Christopher Walker, Duke Neuroscience Alum

It probably seems like you cannot go anywhere these days, especially on Facebook without seeing ads all over the place from juiced up bodybuilders touting how the Keto Diet will make you thin, or from Internet Doctors telling you how you need to follow the Keto Diet for fast weight loss and to buy their ketone supplements in order to do so.

Many of you reading this right now have probably actually purchased those supplements or tried their programs. (Newsflash: according to a recent Feb 2018 peer-reviewed study, those Ketone supplements don’t actually work for inducing ketosis)

The Keto Diet is the “diet du’ jour” right now – the “IN” thing.

But is it actually healthy?

This video is going to analyze the entire breadth of available research about what the Keto Diet actually does to the human body… and, spoiler alert, it’s not pretty.

“A Large Crowd, Few People” – The Keto Diet Doesn’t Incorporate Health Into Its Worldview

Any recommendations I make throughout this article will be based on the specific reference point of assuming you want two things:

Hormonal Balance
No Micronutrient Deficiencies

These are the cornerstones of the true definition of Real Health as defined by the Thermo Diet philosophy of accurate thought around nutrition and health in general.

Why would I assume you want these things?

Well, it’s funny you ask…

First off, I personally believe that if somebody is to focus on improving their health, or finding a pattern of eating, training, and living that fits Optimal Health, then the entire pursuit should focus on achieving hormonal balance, and through that, a healthy energy metabolism.

This singular pursuit will keep the human body at optimal health.

No other reference point will. It will keep you cancer free, with no autoimmune diseases, no gut problems, no reproductive problems, and with incredible brain health.

Your body literally will be operating at optimal capacity. This is how I intend to live to be 150 years old.

Most people, have NO reference point.

They sling studies around, claiming that because they quoted a study, their argument is scientific.

The problem with this shotgun approach to health optimization is that there is literally ZERO reference point. There is no focus.

Myself – or any other person on Earth – can cherry pick research studies all day long to prove any point. The field of “scientific” research is as tainted, corrupt, and misleading as any other human industry and therefore must be always viewed with a speculative eye. Researchers are subject to economic realities, biases, and laziness just like any of us. Is it so surprising to realize that research could be misleading or poorly done?

The best way to obtain an objective view is to reject Dogma.

If the masses agree on something, it’s typically wrong. I’m not sure why this is the case, but it appears to be an age-old truth, recorded from ancient times when the first philosophers began observing human behavior and it’s still just as true now.

My favorite philosopher Baltasar Gracian put it this way in his book A Pocket Mirror For Heroes, “A large crowd, few people.”

So here’s the point.

With respect to the Ketogenic Diet in particular, right now we are looking at this “large crowd” with most of the content you will find all over YouTube, IG, Facebook, blogs etc.

The Idea Of Keto “Feels Good”

Shotgun advice quoting random research, with little to no reference to, or understanding of, the way the human body actually works.

That’s why, in this article, I’m going to go one layer deeper, and, before discussing research studies around the Ketogenic Diet and its effects on humans, I want to explain to you – the reader – some basic biological truths about a couple key systems the human body relies upon for energy metabolism.

Like I said, these are TRUTHS, facts. It’s not speculation, opinion, or “research” – it’s biology 101.

None of the “Keto Gurus” out there discuss biology, likely because they don’t understand or care to know it. However, human biochemistry will light our path on this journey, precisely because it is the truth, and it can help inform our decisions down the road.

I’ll keep things easy to understand too, so no worries. This will not be boring.

The idea of Keto “feels good” and that’s why it’s become so popular once again. It seems logical. But how logical is it really? Is it based in basic human biology?

What Is The Keto Diet, Actually?

First thing’s first, let’s define the term Ketogenic Diet.

Therefore, it’ll be helpful for us to identify and agree upon a definition of the actual term “ketogenic diet” before we dig into this series.

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