Low Carb Diet vs

Today, you’ll learn the difference between a low carb diet and keto diet. So that… you can decide what’s the best option for YOUR health! Come learn with us!

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Low Carb Diet
First up… the low carb diet. As its name suggests, a low carb diet means you limit the amount of carbs you eat. The amount of carbs you take in will range between about 50-150grams/ day depending on your health goals and how much you exercise. We give specific examples in the video.

Keto Diet
Is keto low carb?. You see… the low carb diets we’ve mentioned so far recommend increasing protein and fat. But… on these diets, your body continues to use carbs as its main source of energy. On Keto, your carb intake is generally kept below 50 grams per day, and your fat intake is around 75% of what you eat. Which means… your metabolism shifts from burning carbs for fuel to burning fat for fuel. This state is called ketosis.

With any low carb diet, and with keto, you’ll want to be sure you’re monitoring a few important things. For one… be sure that you’re getting enough micronutrients. Also, monitor your digestion, and watch for any changes in your health. And… do make sure to check in with your personal care provider before starting a new diet. He or she may be able to help you identify the best options for you based on your health goals and health history.

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