Make It Your “Keto Super Hero Salad”!

It’s summer time! What is better than a “salad” to fill your tummy? Well, let me tell you what is better than a “salad”………the “Keto Super Hero Salad”

I am a huge fan of Dr. Berg for all of my Keto advice. One of the things he always mentions is the importance of eating your veggies.

Well, let’s be honest, there are a lot of nutrition pros that encourage people to eat their veggies.

One of the biggest benefits of making and eating a salad is that you can add or take away the ingredients you like or dislike. 

The “Keto Super Hero Salad” is so versatile. If you do not like avocado, you have the option not to add that to your salad. But…. if you really like raw spinach, you could add that to your salad. 

I personally am not a fan of raw spinach, it’s just not my jam. Now, sauté that spinach and add a little hot sauce and I am on board. (Recipe to come, I promise!)

You also have the option to pair your salad with a crunchy side. One of my favorites are these Keto chips. (These are so good, and they add a nice crunch element!)

In my humble opinion, I truly feel like the key to any meal is to make sure you enjoy what you are eating!