MASSIVE Costco Haul – Every Snack Item Reviewed

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You guys have been requesting a snack review video, so we went to Costco and reviewed every single snack they had! When it comes to healthy snacks, I am looking for low sugar, quality ingredients, and heart healthy oils. Too many of these snacks from Costco have highly processed canola or soybean oil in them and high high amounts of refined sugar. I love these siete chips because they are cooked with avocado oil, and kudos to the Costco kirkland protein bars that use stevia as the sweetener. Make sure to read the ingredients, not just what’s printed on the front of the package. I hope you guys enjoy this massive Costco haul of snacks, let me know what you want to see next. Mad Love Bobby…Dessi…Art…Baby Flav XOXXO

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