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Rachel Galloway joins the show to discuss how she overcame eighteen years of thyroid struggles. Her daughter, Rosemary, also joins to speak about her detox journey.

In this podcast, we cover:

– Why you can’t solve everything with lifestyle changes
– How Rachel discovered her heavy metal load
– The importance of the prep phase in detoxing
– About passing on lead to our children
– How children go through the low and slow detox
– How metal in the brain can cause anxiety
– Why we need to hold on to hope

Rachel hit a wall trying to solve her thyroid problems. She grew up healthy, and when Rachel got pregnant, she gained sixty pounds. She developed severe acne, depression, lethargy, and had zero motivation. Her thyroid was utterly shut down, even after her pregnancy.

Rachel’s message for the world is to embrace hope. Hope will keep moving you forward.

Rosemary’s message for the world is to stop comparing yourself to others.


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