Metabolic Damage from Dieting

Metabolic Damage from Dieting. Have you lost and regained the same weight? Has it been a cycle? Well, you need to hear Joey Thurman and Marie Spano discuss metabolic damage and dieting. And that Yo-yo dieting is a must example to cite if this is going to be the subject matter.

Joey and Marie talk about:

• Metabolic adaptation
• Yo-yo dieting
• Expert advice about Yo-yo dieting
• Muscles and fat – what you should know
• The effects of adding lean muscle tissue
• And more

You’ll definitely hear about how to get back on track after dieting and why weight lifting is great as weight loss training. So if that’s what you’re looking for, this video is for you.

Marie A. Spano MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD. She is one of the country’s leading sports nutritionists. Marie is the consulting major league sports nutritionist for the Atlanta Braves (2017 – current). She was the sports dietitian for the Atlanta Falcons (2017 – 2020), Atlanta Hawks (2009 – 2020), Atlanta Braves minor leagues (2012 – 2014), former Atlanta Thrashers (prior to their move to Canada) and Blackzillians (MMA).

She is known for solving complex problems from severe muscle cramping to gastrointestinal pain and keeping players on the field, court or ice. She treats each player as an individual and will find solutions that fit their needs and lifestyle. Spano is an expert in sweat testing, hydration and muscle cramping, sports supplements, nutrition planning for athletic performance, food sensitivities, biomarkers for performance, FODMAPs for management of IBS. She can take difficult topics such as keto and B12 absorption and break them down for an athlete so they are easy to understand. Spano talks in each athlete’s language based on their sport specific goals by communicating how every aspect of nutrition, hydration and supplements will affect their game. She is the lead author of the textbook Nutrition for Sport, Exercise and Health (Human Kinetics 2017) and author of several book chapters on sports performance for the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and Human Kinetics. She is a regular speaker at conferences educating strength coaches, sports dietitians, and athletic trainers on a variety of sports nutrition topics.

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Joey Thurman is a highly sought-after health, fitness and nutrition expert and a celebrity trainer. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS), Barefoot Training Specialist (BTS) and a Functional Integrated Training Kickboxing Specialist.

Joey was named one of the top three favorite celebrity trainers by and awarded the title of the best trainer in Chicago by the Chicago Sun Times in 2015.

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