Microwave Poached Egg in 1 Minute a keto breakfast

This video tutorial demonstrates how to poach an egg in the microwave in 1 minute. Microwave poached eggs make a perfect breakfast option, on low carbohydrate toast, for those on the keto diet. Our busy lives often preclude us from taking the time to eat a healthy breakfast. Nutritionists often emphasize the importance of starting the day with a nutritious meal. Here is a simple method for poaching an egg in a microwave in 1 minute. This method to poach an egg and prepare a quick and easy nutritious, keto friendly breakfast is an essential life hack for the busy person with a microwave oven.

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00:00 Beginning
00:14 How to prepare the egg for poaching in the microwave
00:41 Tip how to protect the microwave in the event that the egg bursts
00:52 Microwave settings for poaching and egg in how long to cook poached egg, 1 minute
02:07 Preparing a quick and easy poached egg breakfast suitable for keto diet if low carb bread is used

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