Plant-Based Intermittent Fasting

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00:00 Fasting hacks
01:18 What is a fasting lifestyle
02:59 3 foods you need to avoid
04:19 Foods to add to your plant-based diet
06:04 Why is plant protein important?
07:17 Ketosis and plant-based diet
08:16 Amino acids for a plant-based diet
08:45 Mind your minerals


1. Any diet fits with fasting

2. Metabolic Switching for plant-based diets
3 food to avoid – bad oils, refined carbs and sugars, and toxic ingredients
5 to add-in – Polyphenols, probiotics, prebiotics, good fats, and clean protein

3. Caution for plant-based diets
-are you getting into ketosis? If not, lower glycemic foods
-are you adding in amino acids? Low amino acids can cause hunger
-are you adding in minerals? More sea salt, more LMNT, more MIN

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