Real Food Keto, Nutrient Deficiencies, and MTHFR!

When starting a ketogenic diet, you may be tempted to gravitate towards eating only bacon, eggs and lots of butter! Yum! But is that type of dieting sustainable? Have you ever felt like you were losing weight but something was still a little bit off in your body?

It is easy to keep real foods out of your shopping cart because some come with higher carb amounts. It can be so scary to believe that eating a few carrots may knock you out of ketosis. The entire time you are following a ketogenic diet you are on high alert for those lurking sugars just waiting to sabotage your weight loss. It can be easier to stick to high-fat foods that you know are “keto approved”, but aren’t you bored with the same foods over and over?

We were too. That is why we interviewed Jimmy and Christine Moore, health gurus and authors of the new book, Real Food Keto, to teach us how to add more variety of food into our ketogenic lifestyles, without compromising ketosis. In this episode, we discuss how to know if you are nutrient deficient and which real foods will help! We also discuss hot topics like carb tolerance and MTHFR gene mutation. If you have felt like a ketogenic diet wasn’t nourishing your whole body before, this podcast episode holds the knowledge you need to take your food to the next level.

So, in this episode, Jimmy, Christine and Louise will discuss the following:
→ Jimmy and Christine’s very different health journeys
→ Why do we need to care about micronutrients and real food
→ How to test for nutrient deficiencies
→ Most common nutrient deficiencies
→ How to find your carb tolerance level
→ How to get started on a real foods Keto diet
→ What is a MTHFR mutation and who should be tested?
→ Quick tips for success with keto

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007: Jimmy and Christine Moore on Real Food Keto, Nutrient Deficiencies, and MTHFR!

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