Salad Dressing Blog

So I don’t know what kind of research you have done on the different types of oils that are out and about. Seems that there are some that are a lot better for you than others. I am a huge olive oil and coconut oil fan. Disclaimer* I am not a doctor or medical person at all. But digging through the world of oils has led me to think that olive oil and coconut are two of the ones that I want to be consuming. 

Have you ever looked at the nutrition label of salad dressings? Not the ones at the top of the shelf that promise non-gmo, organic ingredients and cost about $10. Im am talking about looking at the back of your average run of the mill dressing. 

Well if you haven’t,  I will save you the time and just tell you, the ingredients are crap. 

I will preface my review of the product I am about to tell you about by saying, I am not endorsed by this company. However, I really really really really like the products I am about to tell you about. 

I know the suspense is building………. I promise I will tell you about them and then tell you how I used them and post a recipe or two!

I discovered a delicious Garden Herb Italian dressing! McCormick “just 5”, is such a delicious dressing that you can use your own olive oil to mix and make the dressing. The ingredients are simple, there is not one bit of chemical crap anywhere in the dressing. 

The flavor profile literally bursts in your mouth, when you taste this dressing! 

Usually I am just an olive oil and lemon juice on my salad kind of person, but this dressing has changed my mind!