Should You Be In Ketosis All the Time?

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01:42 What is ketosis?
03:28 Were you designed to be in ketosis all the time?
04:22 Benefits of going in & out of ketosis/IMS?
05:10 Were you designed to eat all day?
06:08 What does Intermittent Metabolic Switching look like?
06:57 What is 5-1-1 Diet Variation
09:30 The Reset Experience 2021


Key concepts: Intermittent Metabolic Switching, depleting glycogen stores
Study reviewed: Nature Reviews Neuroscience January 2018

What is ketosis?
-liver glycogen stores depleted so liver makes ketones
-brain benefits the most from ketones
-sign you are now burning fat

2. Were you designed to be in ketosis all the time?

-you were designed for intermittent metabolic switching

we consider how intermittent metabolic switching, repeating cycles of a metabolic challenge that induces ketosis (fasting and/or exercise) followed by a recovery period (eating, resting and sleeping), may optimize brain function and resilience throughout the lifespan, with a focus on the neuronal circuits involved in cognition and mood. Such metabolic switching impacts multiple signalling pathways that promote neuroplasticity and resistance of the brain to injury and disease.

Intermittent metabolic switching (IMS) occurs when eating and exercise patterns result in periodic depletion of liver glycogen stores and the associated production of ketones from fatty acids. IMS occurs rarely or not at all in individuals who eat three or more meals per day and who are fairly sedentary

-your brain actually became more developed due to food deprivation

Brain evolution, including higher cortical functions of humans (imagination, creativity and language), was driven by the necessity of sustaining high levels of performance in a food-deprived (fasted) state

3. Were you designed to eat all day?

-No. This is one of the reasons so many are immune compromised and have chronic disease.
-Stay tuned to Friday’s video on how metabolic switching stops viral replication.

Benefits of going in & out of ketosis/IMS?

-IMS can
-enhance cognition and motor performance
-protects neurons against dysfunction and degeneration in stroke, epilepsy, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, Alzheimer disease and Parkinson disease
-improve indicators of metabolic and cardiovascular health

4. What does Intermittent Metabolic Switching look like?
-5-1-1 variation
-Fat Burner Reset
-January Reset Experience

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