Stop Frying Your Brain With Your Cell Phone


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Your cell phone can produce dangerous frequencies—here’s how to avoid them.

0:00 How to stop frying your brain with your cellphone
0:11 What are EMFs?
3:19 EMFs demonstration
4:55 Radiowaves/microwaves
5:21 Your cell phone and EMFs
6:10 How to avoid EMFs from your cellphone
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In this video, we’re going to talk about how you can stop frying your brain with your cell phone.

EMFs are electromagnetic fields, which is a kind of invisible radiation that many electronic products emit.

Did you know that your phone emits microwaves? These are the same types of waves that you use to cook or reheat your food.

EMFs are not regulated by safety codes at this time. This means that there may be dangerous amounts of EMFs around you without you knowing about them.

Many people do not consider EMFs dangerous. Keep in mind that there was a period that people did not consider asbestos, sugar, or cigarettes dangerous either.

The higher voltage a power source is, the more EMFs it radiates.

If you’re sleeping at night and you have a light source and your electronic devices right next to you, you could be absorbing large amounts of EMFs throughout the night.

Interestingly, when you turn off the light switch or turn off a lamp, the EMFs do not go away. This is because there is still a live/hot wire with electricity that is generating EMFs.

The only way to eliminate these EMFs is to unplug the device from the wall.

When you’re using your cell phone, and you’re holding it up to your head, you are exposing your brain to a significant amount of EMFs.

You can limit your brain’s exposure to EMFs during phone calls by wearing headphones while making calls. I use the anti-radiation air tube headphones with a microphone.

If you would like to check for EMFs in your home, check out the TriField EMF meter model TF2—this is what I use. This device is simple and accurate.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain how you can limit your exposure to EMFs. I’ll see you in the next video.

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