The Number One Food to Remove From Your Diet Immediately!

Ben Azadi interviews Dr Paul Saladino to discuss the number one food to remove from your diet immediately. Plus, we discuss the benefits of a meat-based carnivore diet, and why fruit and honey can be added to a carnivore approach.

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[00:00] Dr. Paul Saladino Talks About His Appearance on The Doctors
If you want to watch it on YouTube, check it out here:

[09:50] Why Dr. Paul Started To Eat More Carbohydrates
Dr Paul Saladino honey recommendations for carnivore.

[22:50] Why Dr. Paul Doesn’t Like The Term Insulin Resistance
– Dr. Paul doesn’t like the term insulin resistance. He thinks metabolic dysfunction is a more precise term.
– The first type of insulin resistance is physiologic insulin resistance.
– Humans have evolved a state known as ketosis, which goes hand in hand with physiologic insulin resistance.
– Then, there is pathological insulin resistance.

[34:50] The Importance of Decreasing The Amount of Linoleic Acid In Your Diet
– Many people should decrease the amount of linoleic acid in their diet.
– Soybean oil has 45 to 50% linoleic acid.
– Butter and tallow, which has rendered animal fat from cows, will have much lower levels of linoleic acid, around 2%.
– The composition of our cell membranes takes a long time to change. So, breaking down the linoleic acid will take a great deal of time.
– A low carbohydrate approach will help lower the linoleic acid in your diet.

[40:00] What Happens When We Consume Too Much Linoleic Acid
– When we eat more linoleic acid, we can find more oxidized LDL.
– The oxidation and the instability of linoleic acid is one of the problems.

[47:25] Should You Be Taking Fish Oils on The Ketogenic Diet?
– Fish oil spoils extremely fast.
– These oils are so fragile, and we’re putting them in capsules, and we’re presuming that they’re not oxidized.
– The only place Dr. Paul is getting omega-3 is essentially from ruminant animal fat.
– Dr. Paul is not convinced that omega-3s are that beneficial or that we should be pumping ourselves full of them.
– There have been millions and millions of humans that have no access to coastal foods; they did just fine from eating land animals.

[64:35] You Want To Push Your Linoleic Acid Consumption As Low As Possible
– Dr. Paul says to keep your linoleic acid consumption as low as possible.
– The human body can’t make omega-6, but there’s omega-6 in everything.
– The linoleic acid composition of a mother’s breast milk changes based on their dietary consumption.

[70:10] Thirty Days To Radical Health
– In fact, Dr. Paul challenges you to try an animal-based diet for 30 days and NOT flourish!
– Learn more about the challenge here:

[75:55] Are There Any Vegetables That You Should Be Eating?
– Dr Paul Saladino vegetables are out to kill us.
– Vegetables don’t have a role in human health unless you want to go to great lengths to detoxify them.

[88:10] A Connection Between Eating Meat and Colon Cancer?
– When you have more calcium in the diet, you tend to see lower rates of colon cancer.
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