Tips for Staying Keto on Holidays

In this video we review our top tips for staying keto through the holiday season. Unfortunately, many people will gain 4-7 pounds during the holidays. Starting from Halloween the binge eating/drinking slump can continue all the way into the new year. Subpar eating choices can lead to body fat gain and put you in a proinflammatory state, throw off your microbiome, and drive whole body dysfunction. We can use food as medicine to eat tasty and healthy whole foods and maybe even inspire family members to clean up their eating by sharing these low carb dishes.

Some general guidance for holiday meals we cover:
1. Eat the whole animal
2. Swap out your starches
3. Go with grain-free deserts
4. Savory over sweets

Tips for Holiday eating:
1. Prioritize proteins
2. Don’t fear the (good) fats
3. Volumize with veggies
4. Swap cocktails for mocktails & stay hydrated

Chapter Marks
00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Why Keto on Holidays?
01:16 – Eat the Whole Animal
02:15 – Swap Out Your Starches
02:49 – Go with Grain free Desserts
03:43 – Savory Over Sweets
04:33 – Tip 1: Prioritize Proteins
05-35 – Tip 2: Don’t fear the (good) fats
06:24 – Tip 3: Volumize with veggies
07:02- Tip 4: Swap cocktails for mocktails & stay hydrated
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About us: Ali Miller, RD, LD, CDE and Becki Yoo, MS, RD, LD are registered dietitians using functional approaches to health with a strong belief in food-as-medicine. Ali started her functional medicine clinic, Naturally Nourished in 2011 with the approach that everything you put in your body sends a signal leading to optimal health function or dysfunction and disease

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