Waffle House Omelet | Fiesta Omelet | Homemade

Today we are making our homemade version of the Waffle House Omelet a Fiesta Omelet. This Omelet is keto friendly, low carb and delicious. Thank you for watching!!! Please Like, Share, and Subscribe.

2 or 3 eggs
2-3 tbs Olive oil/coconut oil or butter
1 tbs onions
1 tbs tomato
1 tbs ham
1 tbs jalapeno
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper

crack your eggs and add to a blender and blend for 2 minutes. in a frying pan over med high heat sauté your toppings onions, tomato, ham and jalapenos for 2 mins consistently stirring and lower heat to simmer or off and sit pan to the side. In a nonstick skillet add your oil and heat to ha high heat add your eggs to the pan and immediately start to shake the pan back and forth until it releases and then left and right to start a circular motion. Lower your heat to medium once the eggs have released add your toppings and continue shaking after a minute flip your omelet and continue shaking and moving the omelet around the pan after another minute flip back over and top with your cheese. Your omelet will be very fluffy you can use a spoon or knife to check that the inside is cooked through. After 3-4 minutes cook time your omelet should be ready to serve. Remove from the pan and fold over on a plate.

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